About the clinic

Our dental clinic at 126 Buddinge Hovedgade has a long, well-established history.

In fact, dental treatments have been conducted at the clinic since 1945 and we can proudly say that we still treat some of the clinic’s very first patients.
High quality treatment has been consistent through the years and has contributed to the fact that our patient base now consists of whole families,
even up to five generations.

Our future goal and philosophy is to continue to provide quality care using the latest, proven methods of dental treatment.

All of our staff are continuously trained and certified in the most up to date forms of treatments, both in Denmark and abroad.
At the same time, we strive to provide individual care for each of our patients.
Each appointment ensures that you as a patient have enough time to feel comfortable and safe to communicate your needs.

Our premises and equipment are being continuously modernized, so we always meet the requirements for dental clinics.

Recent initiatives include the modernizing of the waiting room to make it bright and pleasant, as the comfort and well-being of each individual patient are very important to us.

My handpicked professional staff and I look forward to welcoming you as our new patient!

With kindest regards

Dentist and Clinic Owner
Maja Glavas